The Alchemy of Creativity

The Alchemy of Creativity

Conscious artistry for turning thoughts into things

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Creators Believe

They tell a compelling story

Creators Collaborate

They plus each other

Creators Risk

They know when to leap

Creators Iterate

They trust the unfolding process

Creators Complete

They finish strong

We are in a time of a Great Turning. Things are changing fast.

The status quo is unraveling and we need to tell a New Story. The story of an evolution from the Hero's Journey to the Kindred Quest; from the Age of Separation to the Age of Reunion.

Now is the time. We are the ones.

We are artists, storytellers, creators and makers committed to the emergence of the Kindred Quest. The Alchemy of Creativity is a consultancy that helps individuals, teams and companies cultivate and grow a culture of creativity, innovation and mastery through practices and promises for a better world right now.

Our Values:



Our Principles:

Life creates itself
Blossoms ever seek the sun
Together we rise