The Z axis


"Tea for the Tillerman."

Are we missing something critical in the world of Big Brain Research? Is the world still, in a sense, flat?

The team at CERN recently fired up the Large Hadron Collider again to pursue their dream of smashing a tea cup into it’s smallest possible bits and examining those tiny fragments in order to tell us how good the tea tastes. 

Their intent was to find the elusive Higgs-Boson or the “God Particle” which would exhibit qualities of both mass and light. Thus potentially solving the Particle/Wave Conundrum and revealing God’s own personal legos.

It was posited that if the weight of the particle they observed after tea cup smashing came in at 115 gevs (a "gev" is an astoundingly small increment of weight) it would prove what has been dubbed "Supersymmetry" or perfect evenness to the Universe and thus testify to some level of overarching intelligence in the construction of Space/Time. Other theories stated that a weight of 140 gevs was more likely and that if true, would reveal that life on earth is just a numbers game and our entire existence, consciousness and all, is just an epi-phenomenon of uncountable gazillions of possibilities and we are just lucky to be alive in an utterly random universe.

Well they smashed the Thing into the Thing and they got an unforeseen result: 125gevs. I believe they found exactly what they were looking for. They found themselves! They observed the observer. I believe the LHC captured a snapshot of sentience on earth today. Our score: 125.

If I were to score myself on a scale between God and obliviating randomness, I feel I’d place myself just slightly closer to God than dumb luck.

When I consider the power of my consciousness to every so slightly effect my reality in the direction of my desires relative to utter randomness, I would place myself a few points closer to 115 than 140. I wouldn’t presume omnipotence, but I’d be more than random. I’d give myself and my fellow humans a good solid 125.

Why is this relevant?

Because I feel what they actually discovered is a thermometer for sentience on earth. Today we score a 125. What will tomorrow bring?

We are the Knights Errant wandering the unknown country in pursuit of the artifact that will indisputably relink us with our own divinity. We long to get back to the Garden. We believe an answer lies out there beyond the borders of what is known and so we quest.

But I worry that as this exponential curve rises to the heavens our models are incomplete. The curve itself is in 2D while life is magnificently dimensional. I wonder if any thought has been put into the Z axis.

As an Animator for Disney we were trained in a deep study of motion and emotion. We learned that every living thing moves in spirals. Even if the output is eventually on a flat screen, we still tracked movement in spacial curves. We were steeped in the Illusion of Life. Our mission was to animate, to bring to life ideas. To turn thoughts into things.

I always felt that in the moment a stack of drawings became a feeling, thinking character, that I was Dr. Frankenstein in his laboratory (la-BOR-a-tory) and that I had brought something with a beating heart to life.

Can we shoot for a score of 124? Can we listen for the depth of what we are creating and how it serves the world? Is finding the God particle all that it's cracked up to be if it doesn't help open our hearts just a little more? 

After they found the result of 125 gevs they shut down the LHC for two years to recalculate. As if they had missed something. I think they did. I feel they missed the Z axis. I feel they missed a critical calculation: Who is holding the teacup?

It's just been fired up again and I wonder if the Knights Errant have somehow forgotten their original mission. How do we get back to the Garden. That place of compassion where what we create enlightens humanity. 

This blog is an exploration into the creative deep end of life, belief and imagination and the ongoing blossoming of our human potential.

It's a trip into the Z axis.


Dave Zaboski
Dave Zaboski


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