Hell in a Handbasket

"Left to their own devices..."


The world is a strange place right now. Filled with fictions, fractions and half truths.


Illusion is the better part of reality these days and information on everything is meted out carefully by the magician in the shiny top hat telling us what he thinks we need to hear to keep the Maya intact. What is the truth anymore?

Was there ever such a thing as truth? Has it always been just a race to the bottom? Only faster now due to the immediate flow of bad news from everywhere?

This whole place is going to hell in a hand-basket.

Every time I read the news I get lonelier. More separate. Depressed. But you know, it's designed that way. It's on purpose. The headlines are meant to be a singular experience. Divide and conquer. When was the last time you read the front page aloud to someone? Even when it seems collective by the comforting sounds of a like minded live audience, like with our "friends" Jon Stewart or John Oliver, we're still watching on our small screens in our little self made bubble at the coffee shop, store, airport or any other public place surrounded by crowds of other digital pockets. Connected but not connecting. A web of nothing. And when the show's over are we any better off after the magician has shone his temporary light into our little pit of despair?

These are strange times, indeed. Yet wonders abound. All around you.

However, I will tell you this one thing: There is no hope. Hope is an empty promise. Hope is a passive wondering, an airy wish and we've seen where hope has gotten us.

What is true is this: All there is is being and action. Being- well that's you. You are the being. And the action is what you choose in this moment and the next. Right now as you read this the air flowing into your lungs has been shared with myriad beings around you and will be shared with others when you exhale. It's okay. Go ahead and exhale. We are breathing in one another and the world around us. Right now there are tens of you sitting in your self made bubble reading this and bringing the illusion of the world into your consciousness. You 17 people have these words in common right now with each other. Connecting you.You have made of yourselves a mini community.

That, too, is the magic of this illusion. That this virtual web can connect us to real communities, real people doing real good in the real world. Behind this veil of illusion you have a community of people who make you feel lighter when you think of them. So think of them. You know you feel even lighter when you're with them. Hold that in your thoughts for a moment. Building that community is a practice. It's your practice.

Here's my invitation to all seventeen of you reading this: Replace a few of the minutes you would normally use today indulging the Illusionist and his tall tales of our flaming hand-basket to Fresno and use that creative capital to bring your community closer. Send a note, create an event. Do something real. Get your hands dirty.

Don't know where to start?

Start by putting this down, picking up a pencil or pen and doodling for five minutes. Just five minutes. I promise you, something will come up. Really. It will. Do it.

Leave a comment or email your doodles to dave@thealchemyofcreativity.com and I'll share them. All 17 of them!

Dave Zaboski
Dave Zaboski


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November 07, 2020

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May 13, 2018

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July 16, 2015

I have been wanting to share this with someone. Crows are building a nest above the balcony where I leave out crackers for them on the railing. I can’t see where the nest is, whether it is up in a tree or in the building roof somewhere. I am so surprised that their building materials are so much longer than they are. I am intrigued to watch them fly up carrying such long materials. They have been at it for days now. On the Birthday Trip in February, we went to a Saturn temple where it was Saturn as a family man with his wives and children all in the shrine, and I was so surprised at this side of Saturn, the steady, patient householder. Crows are his bird, and some are building a nest nearby. I like it. love from India, Valli

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