Story is Everything: Crafting a powerful narrative

Story is everything.

It is more important than a mission or vision statement. Your story is living testimony to your principles. What is YOUR story? Crafting both a personal and a company narrative is critical to empowered creation. Hidden like ripe fruit in the leaves of your story are your values, and with them you can create your principles. Your principles are how you act in any situation. Your actions add to your story.

It all starts with a clear narrative of both who you are AND what you do. Most mission and vision statements are only about the doing. We need to go deeper. Here's an example of a crafted narrative of both being and doing:

I am an alchemist.

I am the pivot point between spirit and science, between the divine and the physical. I am the expression at the nexus of mind and heart, the reconciliation between the rational and the intuitive. I am the particle and the wave.

I have spent millennia tending the sacred flame, distilling essences. I have kissed the light and danced with the flickering shadows. I am the bridge between worlds.

In times of growth and turmoil, I am the keeper of wisdom. The torchbearer. I have been given great gifts too precious to hoard. I have kept these treasures safe for you. Guarding them until that time when you were ready for a renaissance of thought, feeling and deed.

That time is now. 

And you are ready.

This is the essence of the Alchemy of Creativity. It is a laboratory for the conscious cultivation of the best that is in you, so that your blossoming works resource the world. It is the place to construct today’s stories that create tomorrow’s realities. 

The power is in your hands. What stories are you telling today for those yet to come?

However, I will tell you, the hero’s journey you have completed is only half the tale. Your great and good deeds are only seeds of the kindred quest that lies ahead. The world needs what you have in heart and head and you know you cannot do this alone.

I am here to help. I have been trained by the wisdom keepers before me to help you bring your mind to market; to turn your thoughts into things. I can help you cultivate an operating system for purposeful innovation to harvest your inherent genius. The Alchemy of Creativity is a solution garden facilitating both a culture and a structure for perfected manifestation. Become a part of the new ecology of creation. Make the world a better place by empowering the highest in you and in those around you. It’s time to play hard for the light. 

I am the Alchemist. The tender of the sacred flame. Let’s start that fire in you.


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